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Welcome to Gracemount High School’s website. This website is designed to give you information about Gracemount High School and aspects of our work across the curriculum.

Gracemount High School is a small non-denominational secondary school with a roll of 623 which serves the community of South East Edinburgh.

Our new Gracemount High School building was constructed under PPP and opened in 2003.

At Gracemount High School we value all of our pupils equally and provide them with a range of individualised education programmes which are designed to meet their needs and prepare them for the next stage of their journey when they leave school. Examples of these include opportunities for fast track programmes, innovative vocational programmes and academy options in Dance and Football.

We believe we provide excellent opportunities for our pupils with both academic and wider achievement options. All our pupils are fully supported by an excellent pupil support team who strive to ensure pupils are able to be successful.

My latest Headteacher update which I do on a regular basis can be viewed
here. Pupil weekly bulletins which are read out on a Friday morning during registration can be viewed here.

Our contact details can be found
here or you can contact the school at our email address of

Alternatively, feel free to leave a message on our

Best wishes,

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Ms Louise Sinclair
Acting Headteacher

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Latest School Documents
The latest school documents can be downloaded below. They will then be stored centrally in our School Documents page which can be accessed here. All documents are in Adobe Reader format. Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.
Headteacher Update
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Pupil Bulletin
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Careers Vacancies
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Latest Monthly Figures
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Ways to Work
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University Event
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S1 Activity Programme
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Internet Safety for Parents Map
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Bullying: A Guide for Parents/Carers
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National Parent Forum of Scotland Update
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School Session Dates 2014-2016
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Use of Edmodo in School
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Proper Use of Camera in School
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