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Happy, Safe and Achieving their potential @ Gracemount High School
The Support for Pupils structure consists of three Houses named after Scottish islands: Lewis, Skye and Tiree. Please note that 'Support for Pupils' used to be called Guidance.

The team is responsible for the pastoral care of individual pupils. We aim to get to know each pupil well and to provide support in all aspects of their school life. The Support for Pupils Teacher is the principal point of contact between home and school and one of their more important functions is to offer support to the pupil and to the parent. They will offer advice on the curriculum and careers. They also process information to/from teachers, parents, pupils and other agencies; write reports & references; track and monitor attendance, behaviour and progress.

In addition Personal and Social Education (PSE) lessons are delivered to all pupils. The calendar for each year group can be seen below. The aim of these lessons is to help develop our pupils as Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors, and Responsible Citizens with high personal expectations and respect for others.

Support for Learning is an integrated part of Support for Pupils. The team comprises of a PT and 5 Learning Assistants. Its main function is to plan to meet the needs of pupils with barriers to learning such as Dyslexia,ADHD, Autism, etc. In addition they provide targetted support for pupils who meet the Council's exceptionality criteria.

If a pupil is experiencing any difficulties they should talk to the staff in the Pupil Support Base. We would also encourage parents to contact us at an early stage with any concerns they may have.

The Support for Pupils teacher for your son/ daughter can be identified from their tutor group class as follows:

All Lewis classes
Contact Ms Julie Wilson
Email: Julie.Wilson@gracemount.edin.sch.uk

All Skye classes
Contact Mrs S Ellis
Email: Sarah.Ellis@gracemount.edin.sch.uk

All Tiree classes
Contact Ms Emma O'Connell
Email: Allan.Doak@gracemount.edin.sch.uk

Visit the My World Of Work Website
Visit the UCAS Website
Visit the LEAPS Website

Curricular Leader of Support for Learning
Ms Moira Wilson
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Skills Development Scotland
Get the help you need for the career you want with Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

As young people begin to explore their future it is important that they identify their skills and strengths. Working in partnership with school staff, Kay Hannah our Skills Development Scotland Careers Adviser, supports young people to prepare for this exciting stage in their lives.

Through group work and individual careers interviews Kay provides a range of support to help all Gracemount students to develop career management skills and to make well-informed decisions about their career pathways. Kay is also available at parents evenings and subject choice evenings to meet with parents/carer’s. And there’s information and advice 24 hours a day at My World of Work – www.myworldofwork.co.uk - our award-winning careers web service.

It’s packed with tools and resources such as a subject choice tool, job and course search and a CV Builder.

There’s a dedicated area for parents and carers.

After school SDS keep working with young people until they’re in a job, training, apprenticeship or further or higher education.

Our careers services aren’t just for school pupils.

SDS careers centres are open for anyone to drop in to when they need support.

Find your local SDS careers centre here.

You can contact Kay directly on 07884114900 or email her at kay.hannah@sds.co.uk.

Follow us on Facebook - SDS Edinburgh

Additional Support Needs
An additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning. Most or all schools will have some children with additional support needs of some kind. The education authority has many legal duties towards pupils with additional support needs. Information about this is contained in a booklet called In On The Act : Information For The General Public which is published on the education authority website at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/inontheact - or contact the additional support for learning team on telephone number 0131 469 3444.

Partner Agencies

Health Opportunities Team – HOT

The HOT team work in local high schools (including Gracemount High School) in the South of the city to help teachers provide young people with the best health education possible.
The HOT team offer the pupils 1:1 support as well a group work sessions. The HOT workers support referred young people in the school in the hope they can help them to:

• feel less distressed, less angry and more relaxed
• feel better about them self
• have more control in their life
• have better relationships with other people
• be more able to deal with things that stress them out

The HOT team are not here to tell young people what they must do instead they prefer to give young people good information and support so they can make their own well informed decisions. The HOT workers may challenge the young persons and make them think about their choices, but at the end of the day, it is the young person who is responsible for the choices they make.

The HOT team recognise that asking for support can be one of the hardest things to do, so they do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

If you want to talk to talk to member of the HOT team feel free to call into the Health drop in the medical room at Gracemount High School on a Monday Lunchtime where they will be happy to chat. Alternatively please speak to your Guidance teacher for more information.

ParentLine Scotland

ParentLine Scotland offers support and help by phone and by email, to any adult worried about a child no matter how big or small the issue.
The helpline provides time and space for adults to talk about their concerns and to get a bit of extra support at a time that suits them, while the email service can help those who prefer to write things down rather than pick up the phone. ParentLine Scotland is also part of the national kinship care service providing help, support and information to grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives who find themselves looking after a child in the family when their parents can't.

This service is available to everyone and the trained volunteers who answer the calls and emails are there to listen, help and support all families.

The free confidential helpline number is 0800 028 2233 and the confidential email address is parentlinescotland@children1st.org.uk.

ParentLine Scotland lines are open from 9am to 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 9am to 10pm on Tuesday and Thursday; and 12 noon to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday. Further information can be found by visiting www.parentlinescotland.org.uk
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