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Course Choices for 2024-2025


This page contains a range of information in relation to the course choice process for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

At Gracemount High School,  we feel it is important that pupils and families know the options and many different pathways that are available for our pupils through our curriculum. The pathway starts in BGE (S1-3) and extends into the Senior Phase (S4-6). 

We already have been successful in planning positive destinations but we want to build on this and ensure that you have an understanding of the options available through our courses and wider experiences. 

S3 Planning Pathway (for current S2 pupils)

As you move from S2 to S3, you will begin to personalise aspects of your curriculum. You will be offered a guided choice within curriculum areas to ensure that you still have a broad curriculum for the last year of the BGE.

All pupils will continue with English and Maths and then have the option to choose six subjects from within a range of subject areas to personalise their curriculum. In addition, pupils will also continue with Physical Education, RME and PSE as part of their core curriculum.

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Senior Phase Pathway (for current S3, S4 and S5 pupils)

Pupils moving into S4 will continue with 6 of their choices from S3 (Maths and English, plus 4 others).

We would anticipate that most pupils will continue with their best subjects from S3. Where this is not possible/desirable, pupils should have a discussion with their Pupil Support Leaders and Subject Teachers about their choices. In most cases, pupils are likely to attain at a higher level where they continue studying a subject from S3. 

Pupils moving into S5 and S6 should choose 5 subjects and try to attain at the highest level. Pupils should aim to progress their subjects while taking their post school destination into account – e.g. College, University or job qualification requirements. All pupils should be fully coursed (the only exception to this are pupils taking 3 Advanced Highers).

For S5 and S6 pupils there is the option to take a School College Partnership course at Edinburgh College. These run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30pm-4:00pm. Pupils need to apply for these courses directly via the Edinburgh College website: For School Pupils | Edinburgh College Pupils should discuss this with their Pupil Support Leader. 

In the pages below you will find a pathway for each curriculum atea so that you can easily make decisions about your options of study. There is information provided about each of the subjects.