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Business Education

S1 and S2 ICT is taught jointly by Business and Computing Staff, a description can be found on the Computing Department page.

Business and enterprise is all around us and often affects the world we live in even without us realising it.

Edinburgh’s world famous Hogmanay street party, 2015 Special Olympics in LA, the World Cup and Commonwealth Games. These large events raise money and awareness throughout the world. Other events include film premieres, charity events and organising staff meetings.

During the course you will plan an event using ICT, money management and considering the affect the event will have on the environment. Which will involve the following:

Communicating effectively is a skill that successful entrepreneurs possess. If you are running an enterprise you need to manage everything from serving customers to preparing your accounts.
Cash is vital to any enterprise; they need to budget to make sure they don’t run out of cash and can’t pay their suppliers or their employees. Employees need to know how to budget the money that they earn.

Businesses have a responsibility not only to keep their employees safe and healthy but also to understand the impact they have on the wider world.

There are 5 areas of study:

  • Planning an Event
  • Fair Trade
  • Entrepreneurs and Business
  • Personal and Business Budgeting
  • Health and Safety

Skills developed throughout the course:

  • ICT
  • Teamworking and communication
  • Planning, researching and organising