Computing Science

S1 – S2 follow an ICT course delivered by Computing and Business Education teachers.


S1 learners follow a ‘Theme Park’ course. Throughout the year they learn how to use various software applications whilst working in a group to develop a new theme park for Scotland.

Activities include:

  • Writing a location report using geographical information
  • Branding products – Creating logos, uniforms and a mascot for the theme park
  • Communication – learning how to use email effectively, creating business cards
  • Budgeting and Pricing – using database and spreadsheet software to select rides and facilities for the new theme park
  • Roller coaster simulator – using No Limits software to create a simulation of a roller coaster
  • Presenting Information – learners present their ideas for the new theme park to a panel of judges.


S2 learners further develop their IT skills with the following experiences:

Enterprise project – this involves considering various aspects of what a company will do when bringing a new product to the market, activities include:

  • Investigating the market
  • Consumer Panels
  • Creating a product name/logo
  • Profit and Loss
  • Marketing the product

Computer Systems project – Learn about computer hardware and software.

Computer Programming – introduction to computer programming using Scratch and LiveCode

S3 Computing Science

In S3 learners will be prepared for progression to National 4, 5 and Higher qualifications in the senior school.

Areas covered include:

  • Computer Systems & Networks – How computers work, including internal components. Mobile Internet Technologies
  • Computer Programming – Creating computer programs using LiveCode
  • Computing Project – Plan and create a digital solution which will include all aspects of multimedia such as pictures, audio, video and animation
  • Website Design – Learn about HTML, design and create a website.