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BGE Homework

English Department: Personal Reading Homework Policy

The benefits of personal reading to a young person’s development are far reaching. It not only enables them to gain knowledge, relax and improve concentration, but also enhances their literacy skills and can contribute significantly to their overall attainment.

Consequently, as an English department, we shall be putting an even greater emphasis on reading over the course of this academic year, with personal reading becoming the main form of homework we wish to see pupils in S1-3 engaging in.

To encourage all pupils to be reading on a regular basis, their English teacher will meet with them at least once every month to ensure they are making progress with an appropriate text. This will help us identify any pupil who may be struggling with the requirement and, if necessary, contact home to seek further support.

Below there are links to the Library section which contains recommended reads that will help pupils, parents and carers in this, and our Librarian, Mrs Brown, is available throughout the week and during reading periods for further advice.

We would very much appreciate your aid in this task and ask that if you have any questions to please get in touch.