Modern Languages

The staff

There are 3 full-time members of staff working in our curricular area. Ms Davies, Mr Cardiet and Mrs Towers. We also have a French Assistant Mr Roussel who works every Monday. Mr Roussel will be working with us until the end of May 2015. We also have the pleasure of student teachers from Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. They work alongside us where they can “learn the tips of the trade” or share our expertise! We are fortunate in that we are able to offer our pupils the chance to learn some Mandarin Chinese when we have Chinese student teachers. This took place in May 2014 and Mr Xuenian Leng taught our pupils a short course of Mandarin and Chinese Culture. We are expecting another such Chinese student teacher in May 2015.

What we teach

We currently teach French and Spanish. All S1 and S2 pupils learn French and in S3 they have the chance to pick up Spanish too. We teach French up to Advanced Higher and Spanish up to National 5.

Special Arrangements

If you are a native speaker of Spanish, we can make arrangements for you to sit your Spanish Higher with us and our cluster schools Gillespie’s and Boroughmuir will support us. If you are a native speaker of German, Mrs Towers will support you and you will sit your German Higher with us.

How we teach

We enjoy using games and activities to teach languages and those are a permanent feature of our lessons. Feedback is also important to us to know if we are getting it right and you will be often asked how you feel about your learning. We like to give you feedback too so you can find out if you are getting it right and how you can improve.

Day trips, activities, and excursions

As a Modern Languages curricular area, we feel people need to see languages “in action”. We want you to see and feel that they are real and not just something you do 3 times a week in a 55 minute lesson! Ms Davies recently took our pupils to the cinema to see a French film “Belle and Sebastian” whilst Mr Cardiet took his Spanish Seniors to see “Quince años y un dia” . He also organised a game of Boules for his S2 French with Mr Gregor the PE teacher. Ms Davies led a very successful trip to Paris in Summer 2014 and a Senior trip to Paris in February 2014.

The Gracemount Primary 7 classes and their parents had a lovely time in our French Café in June 2014 where they ate croissants, pains au choc and crepes. Our waiters and waitresses were the wonderful S2. Parfait!


All pupils from S3-S6 have iPads. We use those for a multitude of activities such as speaking, delivering presentations and research. All our courses have itunesu which means that all vocabulary and many task are easily accessible. We also post work for our pupils through itunesu where appropriate.

Here are a couple of handy sites:

The future

In May 2015 a group of pupils from a school in Lyon, France are coming to Gracemount for a visit and we will join them for a day up near Loch Lomond. We will get to know our new French friends and will also spend the evening with them. The pupils involved will be mainly S3 and some of our Senior Phase pupils. This all depends on their SQA exams of course! We hope to foster a link with this school and perhaps our pupils will have a chance to visit Lyon in 2016.

We also wish to introduce German and Mandarin Chinese as short courses to our pupils. This all has to be confirmed so watch this space!


If you are needing space to revise or need help with your studies, we offer study classes:

Wednesday lunch:

Senior Phase French with Mrs Towers

Tuesday after school

Junior Phase and Spanish with M. Cardiet.