Physical Education

The PE department offers a BGE Curriculum where pupils are given an opportunity to develop within a wide range of activities.  

Pupils work towards the benchmarks within Physical Competencies and Physical Fitness, as well as Cognitive Skills and Personal Qualities.  

It is the goal that every pupil will be presented with an experience which engages them in a physical activity that they choose to participate in out of class.

As pupils move into Core PE, they can choose the activities they wish participate in throughout the year.   

Physical activity can have a positive impact on mental health.  We value the opportunity for pupils to exercise and unwind from the demands of senior school.  

At certificate level pupils can progress from National 4 to Higher PE.  

These courses are practical in nature, but also include classroom lessons as 50% of these courses are assessed through written work. The other 50% is performance and this gives an opportunity for individual sporting abilities to be recognised within attainment.

Alongside the school curriculum, the PE department offers a thriving Extra-curricular programme with clubs running at lunch times and after school.  These are aimed at both pupils who wish to represent the school and those who simply enjoy taking part in the activity.  

We also organise various excursions throughout the year to further enhance pupil experiences..