At Gracemount, Religious and Moral education (RME) is compulsory up to the end of S4 after which it can be studied at certificate level. RME helps pupils engage with the resources to answer the big questions in life, develops critical thinking skills and allows pupils to examine spirituality. 

RME will prepare pupils for many rites of passage in later life. There is no expectation of pupils to have any sort of faith or participate in any sort of worship. Choice will be offered and much as possible and pupils will be encouraged to share beliefs and values as much as possible.

In RME pupils also look at character development and try to understand who they are and which characteristics they need to develop to become the people that they want to be.

In S1, pupils begin by looking at themselves and where they fit into the world.

We look at their needs in terms of Physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We then move on to look at what faith is, and decide why so many people in the world have a faith.

We look at the characteristics of faith and encourage the pupils to look at the variety of Cultures that we have in school. Our world religion studied in S1 is Buddhism. The last part of our work in S1 is to look at some moral issues and encourage pupils to look at a suitable moral issue of their own choosing.