Support for Learning

Support for Learning departments have five main roles:

  1. Direct Teaching of young people individually and in groups
  2. Assessment of learners e.g. for dyslexia
  3. Staff development and training
  4. Consultation with teaching staff and other professionals about learners’ needs including SQA Assessment Arrangements
  5. GIRFEC – ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ in collaboration with colleagues

In Gracemount High School, we offer the following supports to our learners:

  • Nurture Groups – where learners are supported to develop their social skills, usually in S1 and S2
  • Literacy groups – the SRA Corrective Reading programme for learners with literacy difficulties
  • SEAL Maths – a programme that supports learners understanding of numbers
  • 1:1 work in literacy and maths where appropriate.
  • Assessments for dyslexia and onward referrals, where appropriate, for other learning difficulties
  • 1:1 Emotional support for learners referred to our Pupils Support Officer
  • Delivery of SQA Additional Assessment Arrangements for our senior learners with Additional Support Needs during their exams
  • ICT – training in the use of accessibility settings on iPads and other devices

Additional Support Needs Documents