Information for Parents/Carers on Mumps

Please see information below received from the NHS:

Mumps is currently circulating in the community at a higher than usual level in Lothian.  Most cases are young adults, older than school age, but we are starting to see cases in school children.

Mumps is a viral infection which is not usually a serious illness but it can take up to ten days or more to feel better.  The infection can be easily spread from person to person by direct contact with saliva or droplets of saliva (e.g. via coughs and sneezes) from an infected individual.  The signs, symptoms of mumps include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Swelling of parotid glands on one or both sides of the face (‘like a hamster’)

Occasionally mumps can cause more serious complications.  Pupils with symptoms of mumps should not attend school until they are recovered and at least five days after the parotid (facial) swelling began.

The best protection against mumps is with the MMR vaccine – two doses are required (usually given at age 12-13 months and the second dose preschool). Although mumps can occasionally occur in people who have received two doses of MMR, the disease is much milder. Pupils who have not received two doses of MMR are recommended to contact their general practice to complete the course now.

Further information is online about mumps, go to:

MMR Vaccine

Dr Lorna Willocks
Consultant in Public Health Medicine

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