Activating your AppleID


Activating your Apple ID

Your school iPad will be issued around Easter time.  Before you can download apps you must activate your school Apple ID.  Follow these steps carefully:

Step 1:  Log into the Apple ID website.  The direct link to website is here.

Step 2:  Use the details the staff member has given you.  Key them in carefully.
Step 3:  Once signed in, you’ll get a message telling you that your Apple ID needs to be verified.  Click on “Send/Resend the verification email” link.
Step 4:  You will now need to log into your school email account (open a new browser window).  You can log in here.
Step 5:  Key in your email address (Scottish Candidate 
Step 6:  You will be taken to a new page.  On the next screen, key in your username and password that you use to log into the computers.
Note.  If you have not been into your email account before, you will need to set the language and timezone.  Please do this and then.  You’ll then be able to access your email inbox.
Step 7:  Click on the email sent by Apple then click on the “Activate Now” link.
Step 8:  Once you see the activated message, you have successfully activated your Apple ID. You can now close the web browser windows and log off.
Please keep the paper with your Apple ID username and password for future reference.  Try to learn this and do not disclose it to anyone.  This will be used when you need to install Apps onto your iPad from the Apple App Store.

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