Attendance Matters – Aug 2019 – Nov 2019 Update

Gracemount High School Attendance Target is striving for pupil to have 90%+ attendance. Currently 65% of our pupils have above 90% attendance, Great!. We need to work together to achieve our target of 70% to have an attendance figure of 90% and above.

Well done to all our 95%+ attendance – 43% of the school

Special mention to all those who have 100% – 13% of the school – You are AMAZING!!

Pupils who have 100% receive a Gold Award Certificate. 95%+ a Silver Award Certificate and 90+% Bronze Award Certificate.

Do you know what your child’s attendance is at school?
All s1-6 pupils who attended tehir PSE lessons prior to the holidays have been told their attendance figure and worked on target setting to improve this if needed

Did you know at the end of the school year if you have…
95% attendance = Ten whole days of school has been missed
90% attendance = Twenty whole days of school has been missed
85% attendance = 6 weeks or half a term of schooling has been missed and a possible referral to the Education Welfare Officer

Who can you contact if you are concerned about your child’s attendance? Contact your child’s guidance teacher or year head.
Lewis House – Ms Wilson
Skye House – Mrs Ellis
Tiree House – Ms O’Connell/ Mr Nicholson (Mondays only)
Year Head – S1/3/5 – Mrs Scott
Year Head – S2/4/6 – Miss Gordon

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