Challenge Poverty Week 2022

Over the last week, pupils across the school we have been taking part in projects for #challengepovertyweek.

Pupils from S1- S3 have been learning about poverty, it’s causes and effects in PSE, in History, senior pupils compared present day poverty with poverty in the 1900s as part of their Britain topic.

In social subjects, S2s were exploring and discussing food banks, in Art, S3s have been looking at artists who explore political and social issues in their work, in English, S3s have been reading the book ‘Stone cold’ which is about homelessness.

Pupils created a ‘script’ or poster for a tv advert to advertise a charity such as ‘Shelter’.

These projects have been important in tackling the stigma of poverty and as one of our young people said, ‘’it is important to talk about poverty, so that pupils feel safer to talk about it.’’ #turnthetide


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