Council Budget 2021-24 – Your Views


Covid-19 has changed all our lives – immensely, and abruptly. The past few months have been incredibly tough for us all, and there continues to be great uncertainty about what will happen next.

Responding to the pandemic has seen people pull together across communities. Council teams too continue to pull out all the stops to keep essential services going and support the most vulnerable through these unprecedented times.


But this all comes at cost. We now have a budget gap of more than £47.5 million over the next three years. More people need our services and it’s costing us more to run these. We’ve also less income, through areas such as leisure and transport.


So, once again, we must prioritise how we spend our budgets, rethink how our services are designed and delivered – and where we can make savings.


How you can help

Every year we listen to residents’ views to help us manage our budget and we will continue to call upon the knowledge and understanding we’ve gained from what you’ve told us up until now.


Now, we need to hear from you again. Please complete our short questionnaire at by Thursday 10 December.


Your views really do make a difference. Thank you.


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