Home Learning: Geography

Week 2:

Geography Homeworking Update
S2 Geography
Hello S2 students! Hope this message finds you fit and well. Your Geography work for this week is completion of the tasks in Africa Lesson 11 – Measuring Development pdf. This has been posted on Teams and can also be accessed via the link here.(Note the link here, should allow you to watch the video at the end of the lesson).  
Submission of your work can be made using word or by taking a photo of your written work. The target date for completion is no later than Thursday 2nd April. Please get in touch via the chat function on Teams if you have any questions.
S4-S6 National 5 Geography
Please continue working through the Climate Change work posted on iTunes U. I an hoping that you have finished this by the end of the week. Submission of your work can be made using word or taking a photo/scan of your written work.
S1 Geography
There is no geography work set for you at present as you are not currently doing geography as part of the Social Subjects rota at present, but work will be posted when this changes after the Easter holiday.

Week 1:

S2 Geography – This week’s task is to

1. Log onto Microsoft teams.  
2. Go onto Geography Unit 2 – Africa and complete the tasks contained in this link – Lesson 10 – Desert Plants & Animals.  

The tasks can be done in your jotter, on paper or you might like to try submitting the written part of your work back to me.

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