Home Learning: Modern Studies

Week 2:

Home Learning: Modern Studies
Please complete a final draft of the democracy essay for Tuesday. Some of you have already done this and emailed me. Well done! If you have, could also send me your answer to the conclusions question – Resources on Microsoft teams and iTunes U.  
S5/6 Nationals
I’ve asked you to complete a unit test on democracy for Tuesday. It’s in the assignment section. If you could upload a word document, that would be great, either email to me or submit it on teams.
Stay healthy 😊
Ms Jones

Week 1:

S2 Modern Studies – This week’s task is to:

1. Log onto Microsoft teams. Instructions are here.
2. Go onto Unit 2 ‘Democracy v Dictatorship’ and Read the factfile on Saudi Arabia . (Note there is a differentiated document if you find this too challenging)  
3. Then watch the video links on Human rights in Saudi Arabia. 
4. Finally, complete the quiz and submit for marking 😊 This is to get you started. The next lesson on the USA will follow shortly.

S4 Modern Studies

I would like you to all to login to Microsoft teams – you have all been invited via email. Then, read through the PowerPoint on NATO – the final topic, a copy of this can be viewed here.

Watch the links, complete the tasks then complete the assignment which is a quiz.  

If you could do this by Friday, or Monday at the latest that would be great. 

Thanks, Ms Jones 

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