Home Learning: S2-S6 Modern Studies

S4 Modern Studies Home Learning Update
S4 Modern Studies  students please complete the Terrorism test, that can be found on Microsoft Teams or via this link here. Please send in your answers either through teams or email. 
Ms Jones

Modern Studies Home Learning (Senior students)

Could you all read the materials on how to answer conclusion questions on teams and then complete a word document and send it to me either via teams or email by Tuesday… or earlier!

S2 Modern Studies Homeworking Update:

Here is the work for this week on the USA . It is some video clips and information which helps us to answer the question: Is Trump is a dictator?

You should read the worksheet then answer the questions in the assignment, please. You have a week to do this, it’s due on Monday 6th April. Any questions, please ask. Ms Jones

Link can be found here.

S3 Modern Studies                                                                                              
I’d like to invite you to join teams by following the code in your school email. Then, I’d like you to complete the assignment by reading through the court case evidence and completing the grid. Hand it in by Friday, please. Any questions about this, just ask. I’ve also attached it here if you’re struggling to access teams.

S3 Modern Studies Evidence in a Criminal Trial can be downloaded here.

S4-6 Modern Studies 
I’d like you to join the team, familiarise yourselves with the files and folders and await further instructions.

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