Ramadan 2022

Please find below a link to a letter from Ross Hunter, Head Teacher, in relation to Ramadan. Ramadan letter 2022

Health & Wellbeing Census – Information for Parents

Health and Wellbeing Census 2021-22 You may be aware that primary and secondary pupils across Scotland are being asked to take part in the Health and Wellbeing Census, 2021-22.   Please find attached a letter explaining what the Census involves and a Frequently Asked Questions document.   The documents explain what to do if you do not […]

GHS Dance Show 2021

The GHS Dance Show 2021 can be found by clicking on the link below: https://sway.office.com/wwLzeNVKV3DsCaYm?loc=swsp  *** Passwords have been sent out to Parent/Carers of pupils involved via text. If you have not received a text, please contact the school .*** Thank you for your ongoing support. If you are able to, we would greatly appreciate […]


  COVID VACCINATION VIDEOS https://vimeo.com/530751443     English https://vimeo.com/530755530     Arabic https://vimeo.com/530767346     Mandarin https://vimeo.com/530767549     Cantonese https://vimeo.com/530768290     Romanian https://vimeo.com/530747880     English https://vimeo.com/530744945     BSL https://vimeo.com/530744121     Polish https://vimeo.com/533458662     Bengali https://vimeo.com/534515281     Urdu https://vimeo.com/531693262     Swahili   We also have “UNDERSTANDING SELF ISOLATION AND SUPPORT” and “FLU VACCINE VIDEOS” in different languages.   UNDERSTANDING SELF ISOLATION AND SUPPORT ARABIC   https://vimeo.com/499658055 URDU      https://vimeo.com/499709523 CANTONESE https://vimeo.com/499707761 BENGALI https://vimeo.com/499659376 MANDARIN https://vimeo.com/499661871 POLISH  https://vimeo.com/499705668 KURDISH https://vimeo.com/499655706 ENGLISH https://vimeo.com/499653519 BSL        https://vimeo.com/499649701 […]

E-sgoil National Online Learning Platform

E-sgoil is the national online learning platform with lots of study support and live classes available to pupils. Pupils need a GLOW log in and password to access this and their contact teacher will provide them with this. Pupils can access GLOW here or via a GLOW button at the bottom of the first page […]

Live Online Parent Engagement Session

There is an opportunity to join our Teams session today (Wednesday 13th January 2021) with our headteacher at 6pm.  Follow the link below: Click here to join the meeting


In preparation for the Key Worker childcare starting on the 6th January, we would ask that you complete this link by 11.45 p.m. on 3rd January 2021.      https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=af6sSGo3tUKfacnke7-5xDvSTjv5zlRKp7FBY3WQ-VBUNkJTVU80RThPUE1QQU1TMENZREVSTzNHWi4u

Christmas Shows

  The S1 Christmas Show can be viewed here. The S5 Christams Show can be viewed here.