Raising Teens with Confidence

Following the final session of Raising Teens with Confidence at Gracemount last night I wanted to share some of the feedback from parents who participated.

“Fantastic!  Relaxed and non-judgemental, open to discussion and interruption!  Thank you for not judging but listening!”
“So much information and so interesting.  Loved the course.  Highly recommend.”
“Thank you for the practical guidance.  I feel better equipped to deal with what’s to come.”
“This has given me a better understanding of my child’s behaviour.”
“Course went by really quickly and I will be disappointed to finish.”


More about the event that took place on Tuesday 1st September can be viewed below.  Look out for more events in the future!

The teenage years can often feel like being on a rollercoaster for parents, carers and young people – plenty of highs, lows and uncertainty about what might be round the corner! The many physical, emotional and behaviour changes that occur mean that adolescence can be a time of vulnerability as well as a time of great opportunity for young people.

Raising Teens with Confidence aims to give parents and carers time to explore how they can best support their teenage children to navigate increasing independence and develop confidence, security and resilience, as well promote emotional wellbeing in themselves.
Drawing on the latest research and findings around what helps support emotional wellbeing throughout life, the course will give you an opportunity to explore with other parents how the teenage years can be a time for the whole family to ‘thrive rather than just survive’(Siegel 2014)!

The six session course will be held at Gracemount High School on Tuesdays at 6.30pm starting the 1 September and cover the following topics:

  1. Tuesday 1.9.15     Introductory Session : Why What You Do Matters!
Explores definitions of emotional wellbeing and why relationships with parents and teenagers are changing but remain critical to developing positive emotional wellbeing and mental health.
  1. Tuesday 8.9.15   The Amazing Teenage Brain: What’s Going on in There?
Exploring the latest neuroscience explaining the changes occurring in the adolescent brain which can impact on behaviour and how this creates a window of vulnerability and opportunity.
  1. Tuesday 15.9.15   Risky Business: Managing Adventure, Risk and Resilience.
Explore the teenage drive for taking risks and how this doesn’t have to be a bad thing if we can help them develop ways to positively manage risk-taking behaviour.
  1. Tuesday 22.9.15   It’s Good to Talk: The Importance of Staying Connected.
Explores different communication styles in families, why conflict is normal during adolescence but can be mediated with communication techniques that support positive relationships and the development of social and emotional skills in teenagers.
  1. Tuesday 29.9.15  The Brain Under Stress: Overcoming Setbacks and Promoting Resilience
Explores how the brain responds to stress and what parents can do to support young people to manage stress now and in the future.  
  1. Tuesday 6.10.15   Looking After Your Own Wellbeing: Coping with the Changes.
Leading on from the previous session this session explores how parents and carers can Look After their Own Wellbeing, act as role models for their young people and cope with all the changes that come with shifting family dynamics and structure.

There are limited places for the course so if you are interested please contact Jen Drummond at growingconfidence@edinburgh.gov.uk to express interest. 

This course was very well received previously and here are some feedback comments from the last group to take part.
“Really enjoyed the course.  I found it very helpful and have gained lots from it.  Would highly recommend to other parents to attend.”
“Thinking that you are the only one going through this and being able to talk openly with other parents.  FAB!!!!”
“I found the course great.  I loved the counterintuitive ideas which have really worked for me.  The clips were great too and a good resource – I’ve used it to look into strategies to deal with homework.  Thank you very much!”

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