SQA Post-Results Services (PRS) – A Timeline for Parents – 2020

Results of Post Result Services will be notified to schools on 25th September 2020

Please note:
·       PRS (marking review) requests must come from the school itself.
·       Any request made must be based on a change in letter grade and not only a change in band.
·       The school can only consider making a PRS request where there is evidence of consistent performance throughout the year and over a full range of assessable elements.
·       The school will always consider a PRS request where strong evidence exists to support it.
·       By agreeing to a PRS request, pupils and parents acknowledge that the grade may go down as well as up.
Please notethat some of these dates fall within City of Edinburgh school holidays for 2020.  If any pupil/parent/carer believes they are eligible for a priority marking review please email: admin@gracemount.edin.sch.uk  before 10 August 2020.  Please note the account will not be checked after 10 August.

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