Update from Science Department

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all okay.  There are a few changes to how we will be teaching Science lessons from this week (Mon 27thApril).
        Mr Cunningham will be setting and marking work on Fridays – please be patient as he will not be able to get online in between time.  If there are any problems or questions you can email Dr Davis (gillian.davis@gracemount.edin.sch.uk).
        All of the other Science teachers are regularly using Teams to set work.  You can also email them if you get stuck or would like them to mark work.
        S3 Biology – Changes to Teams
Ms McDonald will be taking all pupils going on to study Nat 5 next year.
Mr Wallis and Dr Davis will be completing the Nat 3 course with all other pupils.
Remember we’re here to help, so get in touch if we can help.
Take care 😊

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