Use of Hoddies in School

Use of hoodies in schools

We have been alerted by Trading Standards with regards to the use of hoodies in schools. This is particularly pertinent to this time of year where hoodies are used for pupils transitioning from primary to secondary.

When supplying goods, clothing must conform with the provisions of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. Generally, this means following the provisions of the relevant British or European Standards applicable to the product. Children’s clothing is very strictly controlled, especially in relation to entrapment and strangulation risks.

There have been reports elsewhere of clothing being supplied which have free running hood cords. The products themselves are not unsafe, as they are small adult hoodies but have been inappropriately supplied to children (i.e. under 14’s) which presents a safety risk.

We respectfully ask that the guidance is followed to manage the risk.

Scott Mackenzie

Business Manager | Gracemount High School |136 Lasswade Road | Edinburgh | EH16 6TZ

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