Letter to Parents from the Active Schools Service

Information for all parents – Active Schools

As the City of Edinburgh Council has been adapting and renewing, so too has Active Schools.  We have realigned our focus of targeted work to ensure we reach pupils in most need of support and who benefit the most from being physically active. We are working towards narrowing the gap between those who can and can’t access physical activity.  

It is proposed that Active Schools adopt a blended approach where the team maintain an extra-curricular activity programme which is free to all, whilst maintaining a presence during the school day, working on projects such as sports taster sessions, playground games, playground leaders, multi skills and Bikeability for primary schools including special schools; and leadership opportunities, including Young Ambassador programme, Leadership Academy and sports councils in the secondary schools including special secondary schools.  All of this will support pupils to reach the minimum exercise recommendation of 60 minutes of physical activity every day and contribute significantly to their improved health and wellbeing.

The Active Schools team is reviewing the participant costs for extra-curricular activity sessions as it has been stipulated by SportScotland, (the main funder of Active Schools), that no charge should be incurred by the participant.  Now that restrictions have eased, and outdoor extra-curricular activities can start again, it is hoped that the Active Schools team will be able to support such programmes working closely with school staff, parent councils, parent volunteers, local communities and key partners including local clubs who can deliver such sessions.

As we adapt to the new ways of working, extra-curricular programmes may be smaller than in previous terms, however, it is our full intention to ensure every child is offered physical activity opportunities whether they are run by Active Schools or the local community.  It goes without saying, we must also adhere to Covid related procedures, including Track and Trace, one-way systems, social distancing to name but a few. 

Active Schools are more than ever committed to ensuring every child has access to physical activity and we very much look forward to seeing everyone again.

Jude Salmon, Active Schools Manager

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