Learning & Teaching

Providing information and ideas for staff to enhance the learning experiences of pupils

Gracemount High School is committed to offering our pupils the very best learning experiences, helping them to develop as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

This page will provide guidance, information and practical help for effective learning and teaching.

Vision of Excellence

Delivering the highest-quality learning and teaching experience to all of our learners

Our aims include:

  • Creating a learning culture of high expectations where all young people are challenged, engaged and supported to achieve their potential
  • In every classroom, learning and teaching is delivered to the highest standard, developing a thirst for learning
  • In every curricular area, our learners are actively engaged and work in a collaborative and cooperative environment
  • All our learners are given opportunities to take responsibility to develop their own learning
  • A clear focus on meaningful learning experiences that concentrate on the development of skills is evident in our teaching. Central to this is prioritising our one to one policy.
  • There is a clear focus on building capacity and professional development amongst all our staff to create the highest-quality learning and teaching experience

Information and resources