Parent Council

The PC is a way for parents to be informed about matters involving the school, discuss issues with teachers and other parents, and to learn about and talk to the many other people and institutions beyond Gracemount that influence teaching at the school and how it is managed.

Every Parent/Carer with a child at Gracemount High School is automatically part of the Parent Forum. This means that you should expect to receive information from and about the School and from and about the Parent Council.

The Parent Council (PC) acts on behalf of the wider Parent Forum and will best endeavour to consider and represent the views of all parents/carers; and help the school operate as a successful school.

The PC takes action on a range of different matters that affect school life. Its job is to listen and respond to parents’ views on the things that matter to them. The PC is also keen to work with the Pupil Council to improve the school environment and experience.

The Parent Council is open to any parent/carer who may want to get involved in all aspects of life and education at the School. You don’t need to have any special qualification, just a desire to help and an interest in, and commitment to, supporting your child’s school. Every parent/carer with a child attending Gracemount High School is entitled to participate in the Parent Council, share their views and voice an opinion.

For quick access to important links, visit the school Linktree account @GracemountHigh | Linktree

If you need to get in touch with the PC you can email us at

All PC meetings are advertised by Gracemount High School. Representatives from the teaching staff, including the Head Teacher, and pupil council regularly attend Parent Council meetings, and local councillors are also invited to attend.

The Parent Council also support several school events, providing refreshments at the end of term Celebration Evening, Dance and PE awards, etc.