Warn & Inform Letter to Parents/Carers of Pupils in S4-6

  Lothian NHS Board Waverley Gate 2-4 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3EG  www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk Ref: Health Protection Team Dear Parent/Carer In recent days we have been made aware of member(s) of the Gracemount High School community in S4-6 who have tested positive for COVID-19. This letter is to inform you that your child has been identified as having […]

Note Parents/Carers of S4-6 pupils in relation to Provisional Grades

  Dear Parent/Carers of S4-6 pupils You will be aware that, as part of the SQA’s Alternative Certification Model, our teachers are busy determining provisional grades for your child, which will be submitted to the SQA on Friday 25 June. I am writing to inform you that your child will be emailed their provisional grades […]

SQA Survey of S4-6 Parents & Carers

SQA has commissioned Ashbrook Consultancy to conduct a survey of S4-6 parents and carers on their behalf.  If you are able to take part in this survey it would be much appreciated. This survey will provide SQA with important data on the views of parents and carers on the current COVID-19 situation, as well as […]

Home Learning: S2-S6 Modern Studies

S4 Modern Studies Home Learning Update S4 Modern Studies  students please complete the Terrorism test, that can be found on Microsoft Teams or via this link here. Please send in your answers either through teams or email.  Ms Jones Modern Studies Home Learning (Senior students) Could you all read the materials on how to answer […]

Modern Languages Update 23/3/2020

Bonjour, Hola et Ni Hao 😃 Below are instructions to access work for all year groups.  Please watch out for updates on Microsoft Teams where your teacher will update you on tasks to be completed: S1 – S3 Websites where you can access activities and games to revise all topics: https://www.linguascope.com/ (please see your teacher for […]